6 unusual gins we dare you to try

August 15, 2017

6 unusual gins we dare you to try

As you’ll have guessed from our product line, Laura’s partial to a bit of gin every now and then. She likes to try different varieties when she can, but none of these odd concoctions have yet to pass her lips.

 Would you drink these?

The most expensive gin

 Just 36 bottles of Watenshi Japanese gin are made each year. Sometimes fewer than that. The bottle, designed by a Swiss design team, is hand-blown in Cambridgeshire, the stopper is made in Switzerland and the silver feather that graces each bottle is engraved and plated in London. To top it off, the name is written on to each bottle by a master calligrapher. The bottles are then sold by Selfridges for £2000 each, or £71 a shot. We’ve no idea if it tastes much better than Aldi’s award-winner, mind. 



The prettiest gin

A small batch gin, made using raspberries to give it a subtle pink hue and a subtle fruitiness. Not a sweet, novelty drink, but a stylish gin that looks awesome in your drinks cabinet.



Putting the tea in G&T

Gin with a hint of tea, this is the most Yorkshire gin you can imagine. It’s made with Masons’ own juniper bushes and Harrogate spring water. Would it be weird to drink this at breakfast with milk and two sugars?

Masons Yorkshire Tea Gin


The grass-flavoured gin.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass as much as the next man, but do I feel the need to run outside, grab a handful and shove it in my gob? No. Dog (the Paper Plane dog) may enjoy nomming on grass, but you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. For me, it’s at this lawn-flavoured tipple.

Oddka Fresh-cut Grass Gin


The ant-flavoured gin

From the brains behind the Watenshi gin above, Cambridge Distillery, comes this minibeast marvel. Each bottle is distilled using 62 ants, which apparently gives it a slight citrus edge.

I think we’ve had enough of weird flavoured gins now…

Anty Gin


The motorcycle-flavoured gin

Oh come on now! Gin containing actual motorcycle parts. Like, real metal bits. Don't worry, they're all cleaned, sterilised and sealed. 

The Archaeologist 

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