Montana Fireside Glow Vegan Soy Candle


Bring the scent of crackling logs and toasted marshmallows into your home with this vegan soy candle. Hand-poured in small batches by artisan makers.

The sun has not long set over the Rockies. Outside the cabin a screech owl calls. Hunkered in for the night, wrapped in blankets after a day exploring the woods and rivers of the Big Sky State, you sip hot chocolate and toast marshmallows over a crackling log fire – logs you chopped yourself, as your breath hung in the cold mountain air. You'll sleep well tonight.

Red Cedar, Massoia and Amber mingle with Bergamot, Lemon Leaf, Eucalyptus, Frankincense and spices and surprising top notes of Lavender.

Glass jar and soy wax candle in a sturdy black cardboard tube with paper label.

Candle: 80mm high x 76mm diameter

Outer tube: 134mm high x 90mm diameter