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Random Shit Mystery Bag

EEK! We are now sold out of navy Random Shit bags - however, you'll still get a bag of random shit, in a different bag!

Our Random Shit mystery bag is packed with at least £60 (about US$77, or €71) worth of Paper Plane goodies.

Expect a mix of greetings cards, prints, posters, coasters, mugs, eye mask, tote bags, pyjamas, mugs and more, along with your tote bag.

All these items are either discontinued lines, unused trial versions or slight seconds. There may be a crease on the edge of a print, or a small mark somewhere on the background. A mug might be slightly faded at the edge or an eye mask might have a few rogue gold flecks around the printed area.

All this stuff is not quite good enough to sell at full price, but still too good to be chucked out.

When you place your order, we'll gather together a good mix of different products, package them securely and send them to you, wherever you are in the world.


Items shown in the above photographs and listed in the description above are just examples of the sort of random shit we'll send you. These exact products may or may not be included. All our cards will come with envelopes.


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