5 cheeses to pleases…

April 03, 2019

5 cheeses to pleases…

Like to stuff your face with Stilton or gorge on Gorgonzola? Course you do! And so do we! We pride ourselves on being cheesy.

Give the gift of cheese and you’ll have a friend for life. Here’s some of our favourites...

vegan cheese

Sheese with Jalapeno and Chilli

We love our vegan buddies and we get sad that they can only stare into the window when we are having cheese and wine night. Let’s not dwell on that though because now they CAN go to the cheese ball – with Sheese!
Best for: plant-powered peeps
Find out more at: https://www.buteisland.com/products/sheese-blocks/cheddar-jalapeno-chilli/


godmister cheese

Godminster Organic Cheddar

You can’t go wrong with a creamy cheddar – unless it’s mouldy of course. Godminster’s cheddar is one of our faves because it’s tangy and it’s got a holier than holy name making it perfect for the saintly among you. But we are total gluttons so we’ll take the 2kg truckle and we won’t repent. Not ever.
Best for: those with a safe word
Buy at:



When we started Googling ‘rude-sounding cheese’ we found this Welsh cheese. Then we did some more investigating and some filth popped up. Some people…Made in a Welsh village, it’s a goat’s cheese that’s suitable for vegetarians. We kid you not.

Best for: those with a robust firewall

Buy at: https://www.welshcheesecompany.co.uk/product/pant-ys-gawn/




Is it a cheese? Is it a triangle? It’s sort of both depending on how much of a snob you are. This is an entry-level cheese that can be consumed whole at any time of the day. We last ate one of Pythagoras’ favourite snacks back in ‘86 but we think it’s time we rediscovered it.

Best for: those who are old enough to know better.


5. Gin & Lemon Cheshire Cheese
Do you need gin but can’t get away with drinking it at your desk? Here’s a more socially-acceptable idea – have it in cheese. The Cheshire Cheese Company’s Gin & Lemon dairy delight has won loads of awards but you’re only interested in what we think, right? We love gin, we love cheese. Let’s do this.

Best for: pissheads.

Buy from: https://www.cheshirecheesecompany.co.uk/gin-lemon-cheshire-cheese-200g.html

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