Highland Woodland Wander Vegan Soy Candle


Bring the scent of a woodland into your home with this naturally vegan soy candle. Hand-poured in small batches by artisan makers.

There's a special time of year when the dappled golden sunlight melts through branches stubbornly clinging to leaves turning from green to rusty orange and flaming yellow. Squirrels and Jays bury acorns for the unforgiving winter ahead and only the calls of the birds and the soft crunch underfoot break the silence of your own private wilderness.

Sandalwood, musk and vanilla provide a warm base for tones of amber, jasmine and lavender, with fresh top notes of citrus, pear and armoise.

Glass jar and soy wax candle in a sturdy black cardboard tube with paper label.

Candle: 80mm high x 76mm diameter

Outer tube: 134mm high x 90mm diameter