100 Billion Planets gold foil card


There are 100 billion planets in our galaxy - that's a lot. That's, like, more than a hundred and everything. And that's just in our galaxy. If we include the whole universe, we're talking more stars - and hence more planets - than grains of sand on Earth. Mind. Blown.

So, with all those planets, what are the chances of ending up on the same one as a person you love this much?

That's a mathematical victory worth celebrating.

This card is perfect as a funny Valentine's card or anniversary card.

Part of our hand-pressed gold-foiled Scripted range - all pressed by us in our Rutland studio.

The wording is '100 billion planets in our galaxy. I'm glad I ended up on yours'.

Printed on 122mm x 170mm 350gsm uncoated card for a quality finish and feel.

Comes with a luxurious gold envelope.

Card and envelope will be sent in a sturdy card-backed envelope. We've taken the #nakedcards pledge.