Asparagus Print


There's one thing we all know about asparagus - it makes your wee smell funny. Or at least it does for some people - and some boffins reckon that only those it affects can smell it, while those who it doesn't affect can't smell it, even on those who is does affect. That's one scientific study we're glad not to have been a part of.

We'll stick to just eating and enjoying asparagus - beautiful with a rich, glossy hollandaise and a soft, runny poached egg.

If you're an asparagus fan, we've included it in a series of cool posters depicting our favourite vegetables.

Available in both A4 and A3 sizes - and either as a single print, or alongside one of our seven other vegetable kitchen prints.

This print is unframed.

A4 print on FSC-certified 350gsm matt card. H297 x W210mm. Fits a standard frame with an A4 aperture.

A3 print on FSC-certified 170gsm matt paper will be rolled inside a sturdy postage tube.