Aubergine Print


We call it aubergine, the Americans call it eggplant. Can't we compromise? Auberplant? Eggergine? On second thoughts, let's stick with aubergine - it's so much more alluring and mysterious than eggplant.

FYI Fact Fans: The name eggplant comes from 18th Century Europeans who were familiar with an aubergine variety which was the shape, size and colour of a goose egg.

Whatever you call it, we think the aubergine is a thing of beauty and if you make four shallow lengthways cuts to a whole auberine, then put it under the grill, whole, turning until the whole thing is charred and soft, when you open it up and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice and scatter with feta and parsley, you'll have a smoky, gooey plateful of amazingness.

Available in both A4 and A3 sizes - and either as a single print, or alongside one of our seven other vegetable kitchen prints.

This print is unframed.

A4 print on FSC-certified 350gsm matt card. H297 x W210mm. Fits a standard frame with an A4 aperture.

A3 print on FSC-certified 170gsm matt paper will be rolled inside a sturdy postage tube.