Pterodactyl Butcher's Meat Cuts Print


Tip: If you're ever round at the mother-in-law's for roast Pterodactyl and she offers you wing or leg, take the wing. If you choose leg, you're going home hungry, my friend.

This quirky dinosaur design offers an alternative take on the traditional butcher's meat cut prints.

Who wouldn't want a tasty Pteradoctyl adorning their wall? Featuring some serious and some not-so-serious cuts of meat (we think the Pterodactyl would definitely have a tempting Ptopside...) this print will add a touch of humour to your home. Perfect as a gift, a house-warming present or a treat for yourself.

Printed on premium quality, FSC-certified 325gsm thick card, the design features a white Pterodactyl on an elegant charcoal grey background that will fit with almost any interior.

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This print is unframed.
A4 print on FSC-certified 325gsm card. H297 x W210mm. Fits a standard frame with an A4 aperture.

Colours may vary from those on screen due to different monitor set-ups.