Seattle Sidewalk Café Vegan Soy Candle


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Bring the scent of a Seattle Sidewalk Café into your home with this naturally vegan, coffee-scented soy candle. Hand-poured in small batches by artisan makers.

Seattle. The city of Nirvana, Hendrix and Pearl Jam. Of artists, innovators and coffee. No-one does coffee like Seattle. As the rain stops and the sun breaks through the clouds, drying out the sodden streets, you rest your legs at one of the many artisan cafes and watch the world go by. You could drink this coffee all day, but you know you'd only end up Sleepless.

Rich, warm coffee aromas, with the rich sweet velvet of caramel and smooth indulgence of the finest cream.

Glass jar and soy wax candle in a sturdy black cardboard tube with paper label.

Candle: 80mm high x 76mm diameter

Outer tube: 134mm high x 90mm diameter